About Us

Prevista is a multi disciplined team of people who are experts in developing areas of enterprise, employment and skills as they relate to economic, social and cultural development. Operating since 1995, Prevista has extensive experience at a national, regional and sub regional level.

Inspiring Business

Prevista supports entrepreneurs, employees and business owners through a range of services:

  • Business Advice
  • Work Based Qualifications
  • Apprenticeships
  • Training and Development
  • Employment and Staffing
  • Access to other support through partners
  • Strengthening Communities.

Strengthening Communities

Prevista works in partnership with local authorities, colleges and universities, private training providers and voluntary and community organisations. Key services include:

  • Business Development
  • Research Projects and Evaluation Studies
  • Marketing and Event Management
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Community Renewal and Consultancy

Working at the heart of the community, see where Prevista's Centres are located