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Asma  began her time with Prevista as an Early Years Educator qualification and was supported by one of our Childcare assessors. However, at Asma nursery she was the only person who struggled with her Functional skills, and whilst her colleagues were passing she was falling behind on this element of her programme.

Asma and her Assessor agreed to co-ordinate a series of weekend sessions with Prevista’s Functional Skills tutor which involved 1:1 work and Skype sessions for additional flexibility. With intensive support from her Assessor Asma worked very hard to pass her Maths and English test which she did so successfully.

Left with her ICT functional skills test, Prevista’s Head of Quality, Karly Lattimore, supported Asma through our flexible weekend provision service which contributed hugely to her gaining a pass. This has now enabled her to achieve her full apprenticeship as a early years educator in a timely way.

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03 May 2018
Prevista Youth Congress

Prevista, in partnership with our strategic partner GRIT, created a unique opportunity for young Londoners (aged 15-18) on our Youth

01 May 2018
Prevista Investors in People GOLD update

Prevista recently undertook  our first Investors in People annual review following our successful achievement of GOLD accreditation in 2017.  

30 April 2018
Prevista is revamping our Sustainability Initiative!

Prevista has always been keen to do our bit to help the environment, including sourcing recycled materials where possible, cutting


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