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Charlotte Choules

Prevista delivers the Greater London Authority’s Employer Led Apprenticeship Creation Programme, a project set up by the Mayor of London to generate new Apprenticeships with employers who have either never employed an apprentice or have not employed one for more than a year.

Through strategic partnerships with other training providers, employers and colleges Prevista are generating opportunities for young people and adults to gain experience and employment as well as working towards a qualification. We are also introducing businesses to the many benefits of employing apprentices.

One beneficiary of the programme is Charlotte Choules. Prevista caught up with Charlotte to ask her how the programme has helped her achieve her dream of entering the film industry.

Prevista: What was your situation before joining the programme?

Charlotte: Previous to my apprenticeship at One Eyed Dog Films, I was working in retail on a four hour a week contract. This is something I had been doing for just over two years. It was perfect to begin with as I was at college and they were flexible with the hours I worked. After I finished college my hours would vary dramatically from week to week. I needed to find a job in something I wanted to do and when I came across this apprenticeship it was perfect for me. At first I was hesitant about doing an apprenticeship, but this opportunity stood out to me as film is something I’m interested in and getting into the industry can be very difficult.

Prevista: Where did you hear about the Apprenticeship and what made you decide to join?

Charlotte: I came across my apprenticeship online whilst looking for a full time job. I was having no luck with applying for jobs in areas I wanted to go in to. The apprenticeship was appealing to me as I would be qualified in business administration while working and gaining knowledge in the film industry. I took film at A-Level and wanted to learn more practically in a working office about the industry.

Prevista: What did you do and learn while on the Apprenticeship and what have you enjoyed the most about the training experience?

Charlotte: From my apprenticeship, I enjoyed learning how the industry works, attending events and participating at meetings with renowned companies such as Lionsgate. I have had opportunities to travel too. I was lucky enough to attend the first screening of a film made by One Eyed Dog Films ‘Aka Nadia’ in Estonia. I have also enjoyed taking on different roles and tasks within my workplace.

Prevista: How has the Apprenticeship helped you and would you recommend it?

Charlotte: My apprenticeship has helped me to gain office experience, telephone confidence, strong team working and organisational skills, along with Photoshop and producing professional documents. I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who wants to learn and work to gain experience in something they wish to do. There is a high chance of getting a job at the end of it and this makes the apprenticeship rewarding and worthwhile.

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