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Cliffannalee Miller

Prevista delivers the Greater London Authority’s Employer Led Apprenticeship Creation Programme, a project set up by the Mayor of London to generate new Apprenticeships with employers who have either never employed an apprentice or have not employed one for more than a year.

Through strategic partnerships with other training providers, employers and colleges Prevista are generating opportunities for young people and adults to gain experience and employment as well as working towards a qualification. We are also introducing businesses to the many benefits of employing apprentices.

One beneficiary of the programme is Cliffannalee Miller. Prevista caught up with Cliffannalee to ask her how the programme has helped her find and sustain employment with a medical practice in South West London.

Prevista: What was your situation before joining the programme?

Cliffannalee: Before I joined the apprenticeship, I had previously studied at Richmond upon Thames College, where I studied business applied, sociology and photography. I enjoyed studying my a-levels but I had thought it would best if I take a gap year first so that I could get real work experience in my desired career, this is why I had choose to do an Apprenticeship.

Prevista: Where did you hear about the Apprenticeship and what made you decide to join?

Cliffannalee: I had done a large amount of online research as I originally used the site to apply for jobs. I decided to join the apprenticeship programme as I thought it would be the best fit for me as I would be able to get a job in my chosen pathway.

Prevista: What did you do and learn while on the Apprenticeship and what have you enjoyed the most about the training experience?

Cliffannalee: From the Apprenticeship scheme I was able to learn more about how a business works. I have enjoyed working in a job which helps and supports people. I have also enjoyed having an assessor who helps me with any difficulties at work. The highlight has been when I was asked to support with the interviews for a second Apprenticeship position, this really made me feel valued.

Prevista: How has the Apprenticeship helped you and would you recommend it?

Cliffannalee: From my apprenticeship, I have gained 1 years paid employment. I would definitely recommend the scheme to other young people.

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