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Margaret Reilly

Margaret had not worked for 35 years and had no formal qualifications. She had little confidence that she could ever find work as she had no work skills or experience and suffered from low level anxiety.

Margaret’s Jobcentre Plus Work Coach encouraged her to join Prevista’s Mental Wellbeing programme for unemployed people with mild to moderate mental health conditions. The programme started with an individual Information, Advice and Guidance session which helped her settle in and made her think more about what she wanted to do and what support she needed to get there.

In the following two weeks Margaret developed new employability skills; she didn’t know how to use a computer or email, how to search for work online or use IT skills in a work environment. With the support of the tutor she felt much more confident to do all of these things.

Margaret started a two week work placement for Jet Maid which she thoroughly enjoyed:

“I gained important skills in using computers, before I could not use a PC to search online or use email. After the second week I could do all these things with a little help and could search for work unsupervised.”

She found the work placement one of the most useful parts of the programme as it gave her skills and the confidence she needed in a working environment.

“I feel the work placement helped me find a job after being unemployed for so long. Through this I gained much needed confidence in my abilities and skills that I had lacked previously.”

Margaret so impressed the company that they took her on. She is now employed as a part time cleaner and loves the job, the responsibility and the trust they have in her.

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