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Samantha Tomkins

Samantha Tomkins was recently appointed as a Team Leader at 1st Place Children and Parents Centre when she enrolled onto a Level 2 Team Leading qualification with Prevista in early 2014. Samantha was new to management and recognised there were key areas in which she needed to develop her skills.

Samantha’s Prevista Assessor, Rebecca Gurley, recalls:

“Samantha had been promoted as she had shown she had natural leadership skills. However it is to her credit that she immediately recognised areas she needed to develop. Samantha took ownership of her qualification from the induction stage, stating clear areas she wanted to work on, for example, delegation, SMART target setting and communication skills”.

As a result Rebecca recommended to Samantha that she would benefit from some Level 3 Management modules in addition to her core Level 2 activity.  The Level 3 modules included the SMART project management technique, which facilitates effective delegation. This was hugely beneficial to Samantha, who explains how prior to Rebecca’s intervention she struggled to delegate:

“I was not used to formally delegating tasks and I often felt it would be easier and less risky to complete the task myself. I knew that this was not the best way to manage my team and I really appreciate the coaching I received from Rebecca about when to delegate and when to complete tasks myself”.

The skills Samantha has acquired are very transferable and she has even found herself using them in everyday life:

“I used the SMART project management technique when getting my family prepared for our holiday. I delegated tasks to each family member and set them a timeframe and monitored how everyone was getting on and provided support along the way”.

Samantha’s new skills have had a demonstrable impact on her performance at work, as evidenced by feedback from her direct reports and managers. She recently completed a 360 feedback session with her team and received some excellent comments. Samantha also received praise from her manager after she used the SMART method to organise an open day to raise the local community’s awareness of the centre.

Thanks to the coaching she has received from Rebecca, Samantha now recognises she is excellently placed to continue onto a Level 3 Management qualification:

“The course has been fantastic. I wanted to complete my Level 2 qualification as I was new to management and thought this was a great opportunity to develop my skills on the job. I want to be the best manager I can so I can motivate my direct reports and advance my career. I look forward to starting my Level 3 qualification with Prevista as soon as possible”.

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