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Fatema Begum – Claims Officer to Claims Team Leader

Fatema Begum joined Prevista in 2014 as a Claims Officer. After a short period away from the company, Fatema returned to take a newly created Claims Team Leader role, with responsibility for overseeing Prevista’s team of Claims Officers.

Q: Please describe your career development before you joined Prevista.

Before Prevista, I was in full time education in the University of Greenwich studying for a BA Hons degree in Business Management. Having graduated in July 2013 with a 2.1, I was looking to take on an exciting opportunity to further my career.  I spent the next few months looking for an exciting opportunity and during this period I decided to do voluntary tutoring.

Q: What was your original role at Prevista?

A: In March 2014 I had an interview with Prevista and successfully joined as a Claims Officer with responsibility for compiling evidence to be sent to Prevista’s government funders in order for the company to be paid for finding people sustained employment.

Q: Why did you decide to join Prevista?

A: The reason why I originally decided to join Prevista and why I decided to return was because of the professional and personal growth made possible within the organisation.  Prevista has a diverse and friendly workforce and ensures everyone is welcomed.

Q: What promotions and/or increases in responsibility have you achieved during your time at Prevista?

I now have increased responsibilities including managing the claims team to ensure claims are submitted on time and without errors and ensuring the business has accurate, relevant and timely management information across all contracts in order to successfully achieve financial and delivery performance targets.

Q: How has the Prevista culture helped you to develop?

A: Overall Prevista has enabled me to develop further through taking on this challenging role. The employees of Prevista are very friendly and supportive. I look forward to developing further within the organisation.



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