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Roland Clark – Trainee to Claims Officer

Following a period of unemployment, Roland Clark joined Prevista in 2015 on a work experience placement. After demonstrating his ability and commitment he was offered a role as a trainee Claims Officer. In his year at the company Roland has been promoted to Claims Officer and has also taken responsibility for a number of other administrative roles across the company.

Q: Please describe your career development before you joined Prevista.

A: After a period of unemployment I was referred by Jobcentre Plus to Prevista’s Work Programme Completers provision, which included work experience activities and supported jobsearch. Prevista decided to offer me a work placement at their own offices. After my one month placement ended I was offered a full time job as a trainee Claims Officer.

Q: What was your original role at Prevista?

A: I joined as a trainee Claims Officer, supporting the claims team to complete the relevant paperwork in order for Prevista to be paid by the government for the delivery of the Work Programme Completers contract, the same contract that I was previously a participant on.

Q: Why did you decide to join Prevista?

A: I enjoyed my 4 week work placement at Prevista and could sense that this was an organisation that was willing to support me to develop my skills and experience after a period of unemployment.

Q: What promotions and/or increases in responsibility have you achieved during your time at Prevista?

A: I have developed my Claims Officer responsibilities and have been given responsibility for the paperwork on more complex contracts. Additionally, I spent a couple of months in a Business Navigator role, supporting Prevista’s Business Navigator service in the Coast to Capita region. I also currently track in-house apprenticeships and chase up and report errors, as well as tracking the progress of all apprentices on Prevista’s books.

Q: How has the Prevista culture helped you to develop?

A: Prevista is an SME so it is easy to work between departments as every face is familiar. Also it allows for a fast-tracking of skills as smaller teams are more agile in changing their responsibilities and processes. This  means you can take on more and different roles as the situation demands. For example, my period working as a Business Navigator enabled me to develop experience in reaching out to businesses via social media and cold calling.


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