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Karly Lattimore – Assessor/Verifer to Head of Skills & Quality

Karly Lattimore joined Prevista in 2011 as an Assessor/Verifier. After a series of promotions Karly is now our Head of Skills & Quality, with overall responsibility Apprenticeship delivery as well as  quality and compliance across all Prevista’s contracts. We asked Karly how working for Prevista helped her progress in her career.

Q: Please describe your career development before you joined Prevista.

A: I initially got into education and training by teaching in-house food manufacture, health and safety and food hygiene qualifications in my role as Production Manager for a food manufacturing business. I quickly realised I had a passion for helping others to develop and therefore moved to teaching and assessing in 2007 at a College where I gained my assessors, verifiers and teaching qualification.

Q: What was your original role at Prevista?

A: I joined Prevista as an Assessor/Verifier in June 2011 delivering apprenticeships in Management, Business Administration and Customer Service as well as acting as the internal quality assurer.

Q: Why did you decide to join Prevista?

A: In June 2011 I decided that I wanted to move to London from where I am originally from up north. Prevista was my first and only interview in London and I was excited to join because even from the interview I could sense that Prevista would be an organisation where I could grow personally and professionally.

Q: What promotions and/or increases in responsibility have you achieved during your time at Prevista?

I was an Assessor/Verifier for a year and, as the team grew and more Assessors were recruited, I developed naturally into a Team Leader position which was made official in March 2013. I was responsible for the caseload management and the day to day management of all Assessors. In September 2015, I earned a promotion to Quality Manager, my new responsibilities included ensuring the quality of Apprenticeship provision is maintained in line with Ofsted requirements. Quickly this role became inclusive of the quality of provision for all contracts that Prevista hold. My most recent promotion is to Head of Skills & Quality, from June 2016 where I now have full responsibility and accountability for all operational matters relating to Quality including Ofsted, Matrix, Merlin and Awarding Bodies.

Q: What qualifications have you gained while at Prevista?

A: I have gained qualifications in Information, Advice & Guidance and a Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management.

Q: How has the Prevista culture helped you to develop?

A: Prevista has helped me develop massively. This is due to the nature of the business, as a smaller organisation nothing is hidden, there is a culture of sharing information and knowledge about all areas of the business which has enabled me to get a much better understanding of the sector in which I work as a whole. I have been lucky in that the managers I have worked with challenged me to solve problems, be innovative and take accountability. Without this I would still be following rather than leading and being able to make a mark on the business.

Q: Is there any key message you would like to get across to potential recruits?

Everyone has the opportunity to progress within their role and are encouraged to do so. Support is in place to aid development of staff, with commitment and hard work you will definitely achieve and progress here.



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