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Prevista awarded Merlin Standard

Prevista is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Merlin Standard for supply chain excellence.

The assessment team interviewed representatives from 27 Supply Chain Partner organisations, including unsuccessful organisations and potential new subcontract partners.

The sample included representatives of organisations who deliver the range of services and projects on behalf of Prevista, including end to end partners, ‘spot purchase’ and specialist service providers. Supply Chain Partners interviewed were at various stages of their working relationship with Prevista. As part of the assessment, Prevista staff were interviewed, including those involved in the strategic and day to day development and management of the Supply Chain Partners.

During the assessment, a significant number of written documents were made available, including those relating to supply chain design, improvement plans, contracts, Supply Chain Framework, Financial Management Handbook, quality, communications and contract and performance / quality management.

The Merlin Assessment Team highlighted several key areas of strength, including clear communication channels, support for business development and supportive and positive relationships with the Prevista Supply Chain Management Team:

Communication channels and business relationships between Prevista and Supply Chain Partners are clear and understood. There are regular communications by email, phone, Skype and in person. With the majority of Supply Chain Partners, email is used as a key communication tool. However, efforts are made to ensure the language used throughout is positive. This has been an area which most Supply Chain Partners indicate has improved over the last 15 months. Illustrative comments included “Prevista have been extremely helpful – good, open communications – they have made the contract work.” (Stakeholder). “Staff use positive language to try and keep the positive relationship.” (Manager) and “Communications have improved – the flow of communications is good and consistent now.” (Supply Chain Partner)

Support for business development is provided by a variety of means. For some Supply Chain Partners this has been through the support in developing and /or refining policies and procedures. For others, it has been guidance on how to spread business risk through holding a variety of other contracts to reduce reliance on one funding stream. Prevista staff assisted by acting as a counter signing assessor and undertook the Internal Quality Assurance role which enabled a Supply Chain Partner to gain NCFE approval and subsequently to progress towards gaining direct claims’ status. One Supply Chain Partner commented that “we have grown as a business since working with Prevista – they have been instrumental in supporting our growth so we can now work with other Primes on other contracts.”

All Supply Chain Partners reported on supportive and positive relationships and interactions with the Prevista Supply Chain Management Team and Performance Director. Illustrative comments included “I can reach out to our Supply Chain Manager at any time and will get help.” (Supply Chain Partner) and “I have not had a question that hasn’t been answered.” (Supply Chain Partner). Information access is made easier by the use of contract specific Dropbox use and as one Supply Chain Partner commented, “I have no excuse, even if Prevista closed for a week, I could get anything I need from Dropbox.”

James Clements Smith, Prevista’s Managing Director, commented:

“This is a fantastic achievement and is a testament to the way we operate with our supply chain partners and how the whole business operates with our supply chain. Achieving this is important for our funders, DWP and others. So, now we will look to measure our progress here, to make sure that we maintain and go further than ‘good’”.


18 April 2019
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