Prevista and SMART Training

Prevista has acquired the brand, assets, goodwill and the key staff of SMART Training. This took place on 1st August 2018.

Prevista has been a leading skills and training provider for over 22 years, delivering Apprenticeships, Traineeships, employability and NEET programmes successfully to a wide range of employers and learners across England. With our Ofsted Grade 2 accreditation, Investors in People Gold, 79% success rates, high employer and learner satisfaction rates and highly talented teams of Account Managers and Tutors, Prevista has rich experience of transforming the skills of workforces through government funded training.

Underpinned by Prevista’s quality systems and processes, we will provide our learners and employers with a market leading service of improved quality, infrastructure, learning and teaching resulting in positive outcomes.  Prevista will build on the successful delivery model of SMART Training, including the established learner and employer centred delivery model and use of study days.

James Clements Smith, Managing Director of Prevista, commented, ‘This news provides an exciting outcome for learners, employers and staff. This transition will enable learners and employers to continue their journey with our service offering evolving to meet the unique demands of the dynamic Apprenticeship, Traineeship and Student Loans market. Our vision and commitment to support our learners and employers will drive our continuous innovation of technology, processes, products and services to ensure we are best placed to meet their needs now and in the future’.

Employer Satisfaction Survey 2017-18 Interim Results

Prevista is delighted to announce the results of our annual Learner Satisfaction Survey.

93% of our Learners would recommend Prevista to their friends and family, a figure which is significantly higher than the national average – this has increased by 2% since last year and the Prevista team are incredibly proud of our achievements in providing services and activities which improve their skills, confidence, enable them to become more employable and gain promotions which enable them to live more fulfilling, richer lives.

Karly Lattimore, Prevista’s Head of Quality commented, ‘I am incredibly proud of this result which demonstrates the hard work and commitment Prevista’s tutors and functional skills leads demonstrate in working with our learners on a day-to-day basis. We continually strive to give our learners the tools to improve their skills, and fulfil their ambitions’.

Ofsted: Prevista remain a GOOD provider

Following our Ofsted inspection in June 2018, Prevista have been informed by the awarding body that ‘we remain a good provider’ and have retained our Grade 2 rating for our provision of Education & Skills Funding Agency programmes.

The inspection report highlights our commitment to learners, subcontractors and employers, supported through strong leadership, rigorous performance management and quality assurance standards, and highly motivated staff.

Amongst the evidence for a “good” grading, the report states:

‘Prevista has further promoted their inspirational vision and culture, which have learners’ priorities and success at the heart of what they do. The vision and culture positively permeate all aspects of leaders’, managers’ and staff’s work and are reflected in the high expectations Prevista has of its staff, learners, subcontractors and employers’.

‘Leaders have established a strong culture of keeping learners safe, which positively impacts upon decision making at every level of Prevista’.

‘The rigorous quality assurance noted at the previous inspection continues, and leaders pay very good attention to the performance management of subcontractors’.


Prevista’s experienced and knowledgeable non-executive board provides very good challenge and support for the managing directors and the managers. Board members promote clear strategic aims and ambitions, with learners and their success at the centre of their actions’.


‘Managers and staff ensure that employers are fully involved in the development of their learners’ training plans and employers support learners well to develop and use their skills at work. As a consequence, learners understand the value of their studies to their employment, are highly motivated and keen to learn, and make positive contributions in their workplaces’.

Prevista’s Executive Directors and the Board of Directors would like to thank and congratulate everyone involved for their commitment and skill in achieving this Ofsted result, including our supply chain partners who have demonstrated high levels of hard work and diligence in guiding their learners to positive progression outcomes. The outcome is also a testament to our commitment to our learners who remain at the heart of the business at Prevista. Prevista Ltd 10046774 Final pdf

Prevista Youth Congress

Prevista, in partnership with our strategic partner GRIT, created a unique opportunity for young Londoners (aged 15-18) on our Youth provision programmes via an initiative called the Youth Congress.

Both Prevista and GRIT, through their 40 years’ experience of working with disadvantaged Londoners, realised that both organisations needed to ‘raise the bar’ and support an innovative programme which would both challenge and bring the best out of young people.

It was recognised that young people are unfairly labelled both in their communities and by the very programmes that professes to support them with disempowering labels. These young people have all experienced varying disadvantages, isolation and disconnection, and have challenges in their life which had prevented them from fulfilling their potential. However, in our experience these young people all have potential, energy, creativity and passion.

Prevista and GRIT saw the need for a paradigm shift in the collective way which youth services saw and supported young people. We felt that they should focus on what was really needed which was resilience. Resilience is required to shed a victim mindset and adopting a powerful one, where every day is full of opportunities and choices for the young person to become the person they want to be.

Prevista and GRIT’s partnership went beyond just supporting a few young people onto a programme, but was in fact a call to action which was started by the collective network these organisations had. Prevista’s Youth Provision Supply Chain Partners and stakeholders joined together to offer financial contributions, resources and manpower to kick start the programme.

Their mission was this:

To create opportunities where young people become the driver of their own lives, and not victims of their circumstances. That their voices shape the opportunities for themselves and their peers.

Youth Congress 1Youth Congress 3 Youth Congress 4 Youth Congress 5

What we did

From January to July 2017 under the banner of the Youth Congress initiative, we engaged over 175 young people through focus groups across London which were facilitated by a number of stakeholders including our Supply Chain Partners who were delivering provision to over 6000 young people.

In those groups we had conversations around the issues that they faced in their communities, and what were the things they would change if they could:

  • Some spoke of the challenges and constant threat of crime and gang culture where sometimes the only protection was join a gang or carry weapon;
  • Some spoke about the motivation and what attracted their peers to crime;
  • Some spoke of the need for education reform and questioned the current usefulness of education in preparing them for the world and opportunities of tomorrow;
  • Some spoke of media representation,  stereotyping in the language of the entertainment industry;
  • Some spoke of voting reform and their perception of those in politics;
  • Some spoke of predatory behaviour they have seen and experience from both peers and adults;
  • Some spoke of solutions to these problems and what they would do to change things;

We ran an experiential event facilitated by one of our Supply Chain Partners Eammon Madden and Louise Hiller from Inspirational Youth, who led presentations on gamification. leadership, team playing, communication skills. The purpose of the event was to facilitate cultural shift from the world of education to that of business, with young people cultivating the concept of taking charge of their educational experience and skills through working on projects that could lead to the desired careers; The event was supported by Alex Denvir from Hammerson, one of our local contributors on the DWP Youth Engagement Fund programme from the Croydon Partnership.

Youth Congress 6 Youth Congress 7 Youth Congress 8 Youth Congress 9


Youth Congress 10 Youth Congress 11

The next stage of the Youth Congress involved inviting selected young people to participate in a six day Residential coaching exercise in Yorkshire. As part of the selection process for the Residential we created an orientation exercise where the young person would find out more about the programme and decide whether or not they would like to participate. They identified personal goals they wanted to work on for nine months including; finding a job, improving relationships with parents, building self-confidence, dealing with anger and other emotions. The young people attended a ‘pre-course’ workshop where they met each other and the volunteers who would be supporting them for the first time.

The residential was a rollercoaster of emotions for many of the young people who engaged in challenging conversations, designed to have them take a ‘no kidding’ look at themselves. They were brave and courageous in opening up about the things that had happened to them, about mistakes they had made and how they wanted to move forward. As the days progressed they began to share more of themselves and work with the volunteers who were there to support them. On day 5 of 6 the young people were matched with their ‘Committed Partner’, a life coach, who would work with them for the next 9 months.  Young people and coaches alike were reminded that powerful coaching starts with willingness and a commitment, and that whilst there will be times over the next 9 months when likes and dislikes will impede their progress, what matters most is the commitment to keep working through it together.

When the young people went back to the communities that is when the hard work really began as the only thing that has changed at this point is the young person themselves. They had a Committed Partner and the wider Youth Congress community who were ready and willing to support them towards their goals.

Youth Congress 12 Youth Congress 13 Youth Congress 14

The Follow through

Every month the young people met as part of a community with their coaches to reinforce their commitment and share their progress at one of the Youth Congress sponsor site: Newham Training and Education Centre (NEWTEC), whose Chief Executive, Pat Edwards, not only offered the use of the centre for the entire duration of the programme but was also was a Residential and follow through coach himself for one of the young people.

The young people were supported by their life coaches on a weekly basis to remind them of their commitment to their choice. Each month had a theme that reinforced their learning, through listening to key note speakers and were engaged through a variety of opportunities that were available including Frontier Trainings, an international training company, that is a world leader in experiential learning and provides training in public speaking. Other young people accessed a record studio which Shabaz Ferozdin from  one of our Supply Chain Partners, Groundwork, facilitated to make music recordings and more.

Youth Congress 15 Youth Congress 16

Some of the young people were inspired to make a difference in their community and their peers pitched to a panel of judges for a grant (sponsored by Prevista) to fund their projects which they will seek to deliver in the coming months.

Youth Congress 17 Youth Congress 18

Wider Impact

Sometimes ‘Impact’ is not always quantifiable. But it should be noted that there is a legacy in the choice that these young people have made. A choice to come together to deliver a message that  young people care and that each young person matters.

The Youth Congress was sponsored and supported by a wide community of training providers, local businesses, Local Authorities (including Waltham Forest, Croydon, Newham) which ran 14 days of training and development IN which the following participated:

  • 25 Project and operational managers;
  • 30 Youth Service practitioners;
  • 63 volunteers (including those who went in on the residential and committed partnership)

Youth Congress 19 Youth Congress 20

Prevista employed two apprentices on creative media apprenticeships Eli Martin-Green and Bria-Olivia Salmon who captured and documented the Youth Congress journey. Below is a short film showcasing this journey the transformation of the young people involved for you to watch and enjoy.

Youth Congress 21

What is next?

What started as a strategic plan between Prevista and GRIT has now evolved to include many local stakeholders and organisations who are passionate in improving the lives of young Londoners. Prevista and GRIT have both made a commitment to invest in another Youth Congress, due to be held in Autumn 2018. If you or your organisation are interested in joining this growing community of organisations, please contact our Managing Director James Clements Smith at

Prevista Investors in People GOLD update

Prevista recently undertook  our first Investors in People annual review following our successful achievement of GOLD accreditation in 2017.


Our Investors in People assessor spent 2 days at the Prevista offices interviewing a variety of staff and observing our Company wide briefing. This included listening to a variety of staff across different departments presenting updates on issues, opportunities and challenges relating to their teams’ work, as well as observing the new Youth Congress Residential video. This was commissioned and developed by Prevista, which gave all staff a great insight into the progression and positive impact the company has made on young people on our Youth programmes. As part of the briefing recognition and appreciation were at the forefront of the agenda where people were acknowledged for their contribution to excellent service as well as encouraging a culture of continuous improvement.


The Investors in People assessor  commented that ‘Prevista has further developed their culture of continuous improvement. Despite the uncertainty in the market place caused by the difficult arrival of levy partnerships and Brexit, the organisation has succeeded in streamlining its processes and developing its people in line with the fresh challenges that they encounter’.

Prevista is revamping our Sustainability Initiative!

Prevista has always been keen to do our bit to help the environment, including sourcing recycled materials where possible, cutting back on unnecessary waste and minimising energy consumption.

However, we want to do more to ensure we make a positive impact on society so for this reason we’re looking at revamping our sustainability initiative. Led by Sara Akhtar, Business Development Manager, with support from the Senior Management Team and a group of eco-conscious volunteers within the business, Prevista is taking big strides to make sustainability an ingrained part of our business by introducing a number of actions, just some of which are listed below:

  • With the recent news of the devastating effects of plastic pollution coming to the forefront of everyone’s minds, we are taking steps to reduce our use of single use plastics. This includes providing all staff with reusable glass water bottles to eradicate the need for disposable plastic cups.
  • We are partnering with an external environmental specialist to consult with Prevista and advise on how we can reduce our impact on the environment, including our carbon footprint, with a view to gaining a professional environmental accreditation.
  • Education and knowledge is key to making a difference. For example, we are putting up posters, giving short educational talks to staff, signposting to relevant bitesize e-learning and interesting documentaries etc, with a view to changing people’s behaviour not only at work but at home too.
  • With a supply chain of 50+ partners, we can dramatically increase our impact by extending our sustainability initiative across our network. This includes sharing best practice, establishing sustainability standards within our compliance checks and maximising cost benefits such as purchasing sustainable materials in bulk.
  • Prevista staff will be given the opportunity to get hands on by volunteering for environmental projects with sustainable charities.

Prevista & the Franklin debates – reshaping skills for the future

Prevista were very proud to work with the Worshipful Company of Educators and the City & Guilds Group to organise and sponsor a lecture series to hear from business leaders, policy-makers and industry experts on some of the most significant changes to professional and technical education and skills in a generation. These ran from February-April 2018.


We invited a wide range of industry stakeholders to be part of the conversation about how the education sector and UK employers can come together in uncertain economic and policy times to ensure the new skills system provides the future UK workforce with the skills they need to thrive. Particular emphasis was placed on the impact of the Levy on the take up of Apprenticeships, the effectiveness of current careers provision and the impact of current skills reforms on both the learner and Providers.



  • 7 February 2018 – 6.30pm – 7.45pm – Careers education and advice. What does good look like?

Chaired by Professor Sir Deian Hopkin

  • 28 March 2018 – 6.30pm – 8.00pm – 14 – 19 skills reform. You’re the experts, how are we going to make it work?

Chaired by Baroness Sue Garden

  • 24 April 2018 – 6.30pm – 8.00pm – The big debate: Skills reforms. A revolution? Or just another rebrand?

Chaired by Kirstie Donnelly MBE, Managing Director – City & Guilds


Each debate was followed by an hour of drinks and networking with peers from across the education and training sectors.

Prevista receives Merlin Accreditation

Prevista is delighted to announce that we have once again been awarded the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Merlin Standard for supply chain excellence with an overall rating of ‘GOOD’.

The assessment team interviewed representatives from over 20 past and present Supply Chain Partner organisations, including unsuccessful organisations and potential new subcontract partners. Prevista was scored against a new Merlin assessment framework and Supply Chain Partners were interviewed from our ESFA NEET, DWP Youth Engagement Fund, Big Lottery, ESFA Apprenticeships and Traineeships contracts.

The final Merlin report refers to multiple areas of ‘key strengths’ that demonstrates our commitment to working positively and collaboratively with our supply chain of providers, from the initial procurement stage through to programme delivery and beyond.

The report highlights the ‘extensive capacity building support’ we provide to our supply chain and recognises a ‘fair and transparent’ approach based around our ‘very clear core values’. Prevista’s Supply Chain Managers are ‘very supportive both proactively and reactively’.

The Merlin Assessment Team highlighted several key areas of strength, including clear communication channels, support for business development and supportive and positive relationships with the Prevista Supply Chain Management Team. They were especially impressed with the variety and scope of Prevista’s capacity building exercises which included the provision of free specialist coaching as part of a 3 day residential for our Supply Chain Partners, and the innovative Youth Congress which enabled our Supply Chain Partner’s young people to attend a coaching/mentoring residential in Yorkshire to ensure a positive legacy for our Youth Provision programmes.

James Clements Smith, Prevista’s Managing Director, commented:

“I am delighted to have maintained our Merlin standard grade, especially under the new assessment framework which is more challenging than the previous one. It is a great testament to the way our staff across a variety of functions works with our supply chain partners to ensure the best possible outcomes for their learners and young people. We will look to maintain our achievements and identify further opportunities for our Supply Chain Partners to innovate and grow in an increasingly challenging market’.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships subcontractors wanted

Formed in 1995, Prevista’s ethos is to support every learner, young person, entrepreneur and delivery partner to achieve their maximum potential and ensure that success is sustainable.

Through this broad portfolio of funding we support people of all ages, from a young person at risk of leaving education through to adults achieving Level 5 qualifications whilst in work and entrepreneurs seeking to grow their business.

Prevista is looking for subcontractors who have the capacity and capability to deliver high quality traineeships and Apprenticeships in the retail, financial, business administration and hospitality sectors with the ability to start learners immediately.

Prevista will provide a full package of support to subcontractors including e-portfolio support; joint observations to ensure quality; safeguarding, equality & diversity and Prevent support; free training for your delivery staff and back office functions; and joint tendering opportunities.

Depending on the volume of starts delivered our management fee is between 17.5% and 22.5%.

Please contact our Supply Chain Manager Mohamed Reffas at for further information.